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Fees & Conditions

Price List

Valid for students arriving between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017. Students applying in 2017 but arriving after 31 December 2017 will need to pay the difference in prices, if there are any, before an accommodation offer will be issued.

Accommodation Placement Fee$280 per person
Relocation Fee (change of homestay for any reason)$195 per person
Airport Pickup FeeLanding inGoing toFlight Lands at
06:00 - 20:5921:00 - 05:59
Gold Coast$170$220
Gold CoastGold Coast$150$200
Arrival Support Fee (help opening a bank account, purchasing a mobile phone/calling card, advice on local issues, etc.)$75
Guardianship Application Fee$250 per person
Guardianship Fees (payable for each week from applicant's Date of Arrival until Date of Departure or 18th Birthday$60 per person per week
Homestay RentalApplicant aged over 18 years oldApplicant aged under 18 years old
Single RoomShared RoomSingle RoomShared Room
Sydney & Melbourne$300 per week$270 per week per person$315 per week$280 per week per person
Sydney & Melbourne (VIP Rate)$380 per week$350 per week per person$380 per week$350 per week per person
Canberra$290 per week$260 per week per personPrice available upon request
Perth & Adelaide$270 per week$240 per week per person
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle & Wollongong$260 per week$240 per week per person
New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Dunedin & Christchurch)$290 NZD per week$270 NZD per week per person
All other Regions & Cities in Australia & New ZealandPlease contact us to confirm Prices

Notes for Homestay Rental:

  1. Please contact us for discounts available for extra persons, Groups or Study Tours.
  2. Homestay Rental includes 2 meals (Breakfast & Dinner) on Monday to Friday and 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) on Saturday & Sunday. If lunches are required on Monday to Friday, additional fees will be payable (typically $8 per day).
  3. If meals are not required, we can arrange Shared Student Accommodation in several cities (limited places available). Please contact Study Vision regarding the Rental amounts for this service.
  4. Homestay Rental also includes all Electricity, Water & Gas costs, as well as linen, furniture and laundry use. It does not include phone calls, internet access, air conditioning or heating. Applicants should use their own mobile phone or international calling card for making phone calls. Most homestays will offer Internet Access at an additional cost (typically $10 – $20 per week)
  5. Shared Rooms are only available when 2 people apply together. Please note that each person will need to pay separate Accommodation Placement Fee, Rental and other additional fees (internet access, lunches, air conditioning, etc.).

Payment Policy

  1. All fees must be paid in Australian Dollars ($AUD) only, unless specified otherwise.
  2. All above fees include Goods and Services Tax (GST = 10%) where applicable.
  3. Payment of fees & charges must be received in full together with the completed application forms or when you receive our invoice before any work commences.
  4. Payments by Credit Cards (only Visa and MasterCard are accepted) incur an extra “surcharge”.
  5. Payment by International Money Transfer incurs extra Bank Charge fees. These fees must be paid with the service fees.
  6. Payments must be referenced by the Full Name of the student and Date of Birth.
  7. After the student’s prepaid Rent has been used up, the student must contact Study Vision regarding the payment method for their continuing Rent.
  8. If a student goes on holidays or away from the homestay for less than 1 week, they will need to pay the full Rental & Internet for all the nights that they will be away. This needs to be paid before the student leaves.
  9. If a student goes on holidays or away from the homestay for 1 week or more, they will need to pay a Holding Fee (50% of their normal Rental & Internet for all the nights they will be away). This needs to be paid before the student leaves.
  10. If a student decides to move out of a homestay, they must give the hosts 2 weeks notice before the date they are moving out. Rent (homestay fees) covering these 2 weeks of notice period must be paid to the hosts. If the student does not give 2 weeks notice to the host, they will still need to pay for the 2 weeks notice period (please see our Help Desk for a detailed explanation).
  11. The above price list is subject to change.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Study Vision understands that circumstances can change and students may need to cancel any booking at any time. However the following terms and conditions apply for refund requests:

  1. In the event that a student has to cancel for events beyond their control, the student and/or the parents or their agent are to immediately contact our office to discuss the circumstances with us. Study Vision reserves the right to accept or reject a request for a refund. Valid reasons for accepting any refund include: Visa application rejection (copy of rejection letters from the Australian Immigration Office and your applied institution to be submitted); trip cancellation due to Force Majeure (war, natural disaster, death) and major illness with doctor’s certificate and confirmation from your education provider that you have withdrawn your study as proof.
  2. Any “Request for a Cancellation” must only be in writing and delivered to our email at info@studyvision (dot) com (dot) au and must be referenced by the Student’s name, Date of Birth and Australian Bank Account details (Account name + BSB + Account number).
  3. No refunds will be made if a “Request for Refund” email is received more than two (2) weeks after the student’s scheduled arrival date to Australia.
  4. “Requests for Refunds” will be promptly attended to, and if approved, will get paid to the student’s Australian bank account, in Australia, within 7 work days. If the student does not have an Australian bank account, and will not be coming to Australia, the refund can be made to an international bank account, but additional charges will be deducted from the refundable amount. A receipt of payment will be emailed to the student upon the student’s request.
  5. Refunds shall be made in Australian dollars only, regardless of the currency used to pay for a service.
  6. All refunds made will have any applicable bank charges plus Administration Charges deducted before refunds are made.
  7. Study Vision reserves the right to cancel any application received – even after payment (partial or full) is received – at its own decision, and at any time, without any penalties or compensation on Study Vision, and to thus immediately refund any net payments received, if Study Vision is unable to satisfy the applicant’s requests for any reason, or if there are reasons to doubt the nature of the application, or authenticity of the applicant, or if the applicant did not make full payment of fees and rents due by a deadline, as requested to do so in our Offer letter. Study Vision shall effect this cancellation by simply writing an email to the applicant advising of the cancellation and intent to immediately refund any payments made to date, net of any bank charges.


Refunds related to Homestay Booking:
  1. The Accommodation Placement Fee is not refundable if a booking is cancelled at any time after service fees are paid.
  2. If a student cancels a Homestay booking after they had “Accepted and Confirmed the Offer” and before scheduled arrival to Australia, two (2) weeks rent (Homestay rental Fees) will not be refunded, to compensate the homestay family.
  3. Homestay rent period commences from the date it is booked. If a student arrives to the Homestay to start a rent period at any later date, no refunds in-lieu of the lost days will normally be given, unless a valid reason is approved by Study Vision and the Host family.
  4. There is no refund of homestay rental fees (rent) within the first 4 weeks after moving in to the Homestay, or if the student did not show up at all.


Refunds related to Airport Pickup Booking:
  1. Airport Pickup Fees are refundable if cancelled at least 48 hours before scheduled arrival time, less any applicable bank charges and administration fees.
  2. If arrival details change (for example, arrival date or flight number changes) and Study Vision is not notified both by email and by phone (call +61 410 691 761) or WeChat (studyvisionoz) at least 24 hours before the initial scheduled arrival time, a second Airport Pickup fees will be charged to the student.
  3. Students who do not arrive at the airport as scheduled, without prior notice, will not receive any refunds. If they still require Study Vision to pick them up from the airport, we will strive to do so, depending on available drivers at the time, and provided a new (second) airport pickup fee is paid in full.


Refunds related to Guardianship Booking:
  1. Guardianship Application Fee is not refundable once received.
  2. Prepaid Guardianship Fees are only refunded if the Visa is refused (copy of rejection letters from the Australian Immigration Office and your applied institution to be submitted).
  3. For requests to change the Guardian after arrival, the first three (3) months of Guardianship fees are not refunded. The balance of Guardianship fees will be refunded provided the new Guardian is an approved Guardian by the student’s educational institute.