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Roles of a Homestay Carer

You may be asked if you would be willing to take on the role of Homestay Carer for a particular student. Taking on this role will increase the rent you will receive for hosting this student, but you will also take on additional responsibilities, beyond the normal responsibilities of a homestay host for an underage student. These additional responsibilities are:

Additional Assistance

Assist the student to settle into their accommodation, and help them with the following, if needed:

  • Open a bank account, 
  • Purchase a local telephone SIM card (if required)
  • Purchase a local transport card, and explain how to use local public transport (train, bus, tram, taxi etc)

School Liaison

  • Communicate regularly with the student and their school, to make sure they are doing well, and assist them when needed. Notify Study Vision of any issues that arise.
  • Attend school-required meetings when necessary and report students’ school performance to parents in a timely manner, 4with Study Vision’s assistance.


  • Inform Study Vision if the student plans to go on holidays or stay away overnight.
  • Inform Study Vision of any changes in the student’s attitude or behaviour.
  • Ensure the student is at home by 10pm every night. If they are late, contact Study Vision immediately.

Medical Issues & Emergencies

  • Help students arrange and attend medical appointments whenever they need medical assistance.
  • Assist the student in any emergency situations, and notify Study Vision of any issues